Recording Bad Way – 2

I was still in the recliner, still physically in the exact same place, but mentally in a much better place after writing the lyrics to Bad Way. The power of the mind is amazing, and when determined, the impossible becomes possible. From the moment the lyrics were complete, I couldn’t wait to start recording it. Right then, I noted that one floor directly below me was the recording studio I had been unable to visit for far too long. With every moment that passed, the determination to begin actually recording the song became stronger. Within a couple hours, I couldn’t take it anymore and started my painful journey across the house, down the stairs and eventually into the studio. During my agonizing trip, I uttered a mix of thankfulness for that gift of clarity, along the with an extensive rehearsal of every foul word known to man, at least this man.  

 So once in the studio, it was difficult to play or sing but I had come too far to turn back. I honestly don’t know how long I was there in the studio, but I was able to push through the pain enough to map out the song by recording a vocal and a piano track. I remember that it was a struggle to play or sing at all between the muscle spasms and stabbing pain. I paused often to let the pain calm, and determination prevailed. 

 When I was able to return to complete the tracking of the other instruments, I chose to keep those original tracks untouched. They really reflect the moment. The last instrument recorded was a harmonica that belonged to my amazing grandmother, the very one she played when I was a child when she taught me to play. 

 I share this story of the song because I believe it demonstrates hope in the face of hopelessness, strength in our weakest moments, and the available good even when we are in a bad way. There are so many who have, and currently are experiencing so much greater problems than I’ve ever known, yet still find some light.  So may we find strength when we ourselves are in a bad way, and also be compelled to help those who are in a bad way. 

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