The Story Behind ‘God Created Rock And Roll’

I will not be delving into my views and beliefs on subjects of religion or politics. That said, you cannot help but have hints of it show up in the music, especially with my roots. This song is autobiographical and mirrors real experiences.  When I was born, the first thing my Father said was that I had piano fingers. Turns out he was right on the mark. Despite being steered completely away from any rock music, or any worldly pleasures for that matter, I ended up being a professional musician. I cannot explain in a way that will truly paint the picture of my experience in a short blog, but I assure you that I am the least likely person to become a rock-n-roll musician.

Growing up in the legalistic Baptist movement placed me in a small community of people who spent their days and nights separated from rest of the “world”. I went to a private Christian School housed in the Church, and attended Church in some form many times a week not to mention the usual full day commitment on Sundays. Before I proceed, let me say that the family and elders of the church and school were great people with the best of intentions. I am so very fortunate to have been surrounded by people who truly wanted help us all find the right path and avoid the evils in the world. It turns out however, for me that it wasn’t all so black and white.

I remember the traveling evangelists that would speak at youth rallies claiming that rock music was the devils tool. We were even told that specific drum beats were developed in tribal rituals to arouse immoral sexual behaviors and that these beats were intentionally copied by contemporary musicians with the same intent. I believed them, and followed blindly until I was seventeen. Although I followed, I was always drawn to playing and singing and had a knack for contemporary styles, the Devil’s music. While in high school, I began my writing career by composing Christian songs and then playing them in Church. This was not as well received as one might think. One afternoon the Pastor kicked me out of an empty Church auditorium for playing piano, and at a youth talent show my writing partner and I was disqualified because the music was written by us. I was even asked not to play in church because the music was not what some were used to. Guess it must have been my non-traditional approach.

I learned to play by ear and am self-taught. It all began on my Mothers spinet piano in the living room when I was young. As my passion to play grew, I would play right into bed time. To shut me up, my Mother would turn off the lights and leave me in the dark. That was just an incentive and I learned to play in the dark, a fact that still makes us both smile today. My whole family was musical and I have them to thank for my love of music. Between my Mom’s piano and my Dad somehow allowing me to listen to his collection of 45’s, I was hooked. So as a counter to the idea that Rock-n-Roll belongs to the “Devil”, I pose the idea that it might actually be a God created thing.

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