What Am I Doing?

Some talent and effort are essential for success, we all know this, but I believe that a much greater force is how we treat people. The golden rule applies especially in this cut throat music business. Over this last year, I have experienced the benefits of working with, and being surrounded by people who give so much and ask so little. So to all of you, I am so very thankful and look forward to another year of new and growing friendships inside and outside of this crazy business!

So here’s what I’ve been up to these last few weeks………….

Ten Man Push

The new album is coming along nicely and the reception to the first singes has been unprecedented. The Hard rocking country flavor of the new material has been well received and much more to come. We are working consistently and will be releasing another fun single soon. As we approach the tail end of our national summer tour, our sights are set on some new exciting opportunities for the fall and winter.


Working on a NYC based musical!!

Titled “The Social Life” this musical has a powerful story employing some top secret innovations to the musical world. My role is co-writing the music and recording the soundtrack for the show. We are on the tail end of the writing process and pre-production details. We’ve been in the studio mapping out the various numbers in the production. Script writers Chris Myers and Ricky Dunlop are poised to shake up the traditional Broadway formulas and breathe new life into the next generation of theater production. I am very pleased to be a part of the creative team.


New Band from Grammy Nominated Arun Shenoy

I cannot say too much at this point but am extremely excited to be involved in a brand new venture spearheaded by my friend and amazing producer Arun Shenoy and his long-time friend and collaborator Sridharan Ravichandran. As soon as I get the green light, I will share the details of this. I can tell you that I get really pumped just thinking about it!


New Artist Development

There are a few artists that I am currently working with from producing to performing. I just spent a couple days in Long Island at Suffolk Studio’s with Josette Davids producing the vocals for a beautiful ballad. This song has a creative team that includes Josette, Natalie Riccio, Freddy Curci (formerly of Sheriff, Alias), and myself. Another project is out of LA called “Green Sparkle Frog” and I am the Pianist / Keyboardist for the album. Lots of fun working with these quality artists!


Solo Music

As I just cannot get enough, I’m always writing and recording. I have a collection of songs that I am writing or have written that fall into that solo category. While I sing and  play everything on some cuts, I am also fortunate to collaborate with talents of some great musicians from around the world. Felipe Praino from Rome, Italy is one super talented guitar player that is a collaborator. Some drums are being performed by Pavlo Kirieiev from the Ukraine. Some songs are completely done and mixed so I will be releasing some more singles soon.


Live Performances

John West and I have been performing live in both Ten Man Push and as Johnny & Lonnie. We have seen much of the country this year and are scheduled to travel to at least Texas, California, and Mexico before Christmas. We are also playing quite a bit in Central New York whenever we are home. We will be home for most of August so come check out a show if you’re in the area.



I have received three books from authors who I know and am excited to complete them all. One entitled “STUCK IS NOT A FOUR LETTER WORD” even has a chapter telling my story, and one chapter on Arun Shenoy!  Another is by 2013 Grammy Nom Linda Chorney, and she has encouraged me to steal some trade secrets for some selections, she is a riot an so is her book. The last is by the legendary Bob Daisley who I’ve been communicating with for many months and he has been inspirational. His book is called “FOR FACTS SAKE”.  All three are great ideas for Christmas gifts!!!! Oh, and for all the techies out there, Hal Leonard is releasing the second edition of my book “Church Sound Systems” as we speak!


Personal Life

Ten gallons of homemade wine about to be bottled, garden is blowing up, fall is in the air and the CNY hunting season is quickly approaching. Life is good!



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